Ollie Dog Food Faq – Fresh Dog Food Review 2024

ollie dog food faq

Ollie Dog Food Faq

Ollie offers convenient, automatic house shipment of fresh dog food.
Each Ollie meal plan is customized for your specific pet dog and consists of 4 various dish alternatives.
I found the meals were healthy, simple to serve, and gentle on my pet dog's stomach.
Costs differ depending upon the size of your pet dog ($ 27 to $31 weekly), and new consumers can conserve 50% on their very first box of Ollie. Ollie Dog Food Faq

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Ollie Pet Dog Food Membership Service (each week).

I like the principle of homemade family pet food. When shopping for my human family, I attempt to prevent highly processed foods as much as I can, instead of sticking to fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats– you understand. I enjoy cooking, too, but I have actually never ever prepared for my mini poodle, Barry, because, truthfully, I find the concept too challenging.

The quantity of difficulty involved in making a complete-and-balanced dog food in your home is simply too daunting for me. That's why fresh pet dog food delivery services like Ollie are so appealing.

I have actually just recently dipped my toe into the fresh pet grocery store, trying a few companies that prepare and ship newly made animal food for dogs. In this review, I'll share my experience with Ollie, which I tested with Barry for nearly a month.

With services like Ollie, I get the health benefits of fresh-cooked food for my pet dog, however I don't need to do the effort. Plus, because most fresh pet food services are subscription-based, I do not even need to keep in mind to buy more food when our supply goes out. Meals are delivered right to customers' doors within the continental United States (Ollie does not ship to Hawaii and Alaska).

What does Ollie offer?

Ollie's meal strategies are particularly tailored to your pet based upon lots of aspects, consisting of age, weight, breed, and whether your pet dog is made sterile or neutered. That method you can be sure the food delivers the proper variety of calories. All dishes are formulated to fulfill the dietary levels developed by the AAFCO's Pet dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages, suggesting the food is proper for growing pups in addition to adult pets, consisting of large-size pet dogs.

Numerous competing services offer 3 recipe alternatives, but Ollie provides 4: beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Each recipe was established by veterinary nutritional experts. Made with fresh ingredients, the food is minimally processed and includes no fillers or synthetic tastes. Simply fresh meat and other healthy foods like butternut squash, pumpkin, spinach, kale, sweet potato, lentils, chickpeas, blueberries, and fish oil, plus the best balance of vitamins and minerals.

The signup procedure.

Throughout sign-up, I was asked a series of questions about my pet's age, weight, type, activity level, and health, consisting of whether he has any allergic reactions.

I might select one, 2, 3, or all four of the dishes. For Barry, who weighs 20 pounds, Ollie meal options varied from about $27 to $31 weekly, depending upon which dish I chose. I opted to attempt the beef, turkey, and lamb dishes.

After registering, I received an instant email confirmation. The company also sent out an email alert and approximated delivery date when my box of food will deliver, as well as alert that it had actually been delivered. This was great because my box was delivered when I was not in your home. It was great that I didn't have to worry about it resting on my patio all day.

Nevertheless, there isn't excessive to be worried about– the box is packed with ice and insulation so it stays cold up till midnight on the day of delivery. If you're worried about the environment, you'll more than happy to know that all of Ollie's packaging is either recyclable or compostable, or at least made from recycled products.

Due to the fact that Ollie is subscription-based, your charge card will be charged and fresh food will be delivered immediately according to your pet's individual meal strategy. If you're taking a trip, Ollie can ship the food to your short-lived location if you're anywhere in the continental United States. You can also skip or pause a delivery so the food gets here when you get house. If you need to cancel your subscription, get in touch with the company via e-mail or phone.

What makes it stand apart

My very first box got here right on time. Preportioned meals showed up cold in vacuum-sealed packs. Consisted of in my first box was a rubber airtight “pup-tainer” with cover, a coordinating serving spoon, and a pamphlet that explains how to keep the food (in the freezer for approximately 6 months or thawed in the fridge for approximately 5 days). Package also included Ollie's custom feeding guidelines and instructions for slowly changing from your canine's old food to Ollie fresh food.

Making changes to your dog's diet plan is best done gradually so your pet dog does not get an upset stomach. Transitioning gradually is especially important if your canine has been eating only one pet food for a very long time. Because my pet dog consumes a wide range of business pet foods and safe “people” foods, I began feeding Ollie simultaneously and he did simply great.

Ollie meals are provided in eco-friendly packaging.
Although the Ollie how-to guide includes pointers for luring picky eaters, my pet dog needed no such thing. He has actually loved Ollie food from the very beginning– he wolfs down every meal, licking his bowl clean. When I opened the first pack of Ollie food I noticed that it has a comparable consistency to canned pet food, but you can see all the wholesome ingredients finely chopped and mixed together.

Ollie is basic to feed. Per my pet's custom feeding instructions, one pack was to be split in between two meals each day. I scoop out half the food for breakfast with the serving spoon, then store the second half of the pack in the pup-tainer until the next meal. Every night after I feed my pet dog dinner, I transfer one or two new packs from the freezer to the fridge so I always have one thawed and prepared to go.

The cons

Ollie offers 4 recipe alternatives, while much of its competitors offer only three. Nevertheless, the active ingredients in the dishes can not be tailored. This isn't special to Ollie, but the choice to get rid of active ingredients would be nice to have. The other drawbacks are common throughout all fresh pet dog food companies: Fresh pet dog food isn't proper for pet dogs who like to graze due to the fact that leaving the food out throughout the day can cause spoiling. And I sometimes forgot to move pouches to the refrigerator to thaw.

The summary

Fresh dog food subscription services like Ollie are costly, specifically when compared to shelf-stable pet dog food like kibble or canned. However the benefits of fresh canine food might deserve it, depending on just how much you value fresh, unprocessed food. If you don't feel up to cooking for your pet dog but desire the advantages of fresh food, a subscription service like Ollie is a middle ground.

My pet dog enjoys Ollie food and it concurred with him as evidenced by his good poops. I enjoy the high-quality components and the reality that the recipes are developed by a veterinary nutritionist. In my viewpoint, Ollie is a strong choice for fresh dog food shipment.


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