2010 Working Test Results

Sunday 1st August 2010

Puppy/Novice Working Test at Church Barn Farm, Wendy, nr Royston by kind invitation of Dr D & Mrs R Wise
Judges: Mrs J Hankey and Mrs G Thompson
1stMr C WilksDixie Labees (handled by A Wilks)
2ndMr M ToublicNeflier Night
3rdT & J WakelinBlackriver Opal (handled by J Wakelin)
1stMr R WilliamsAldertree Taurus
2ndMr P AbbsBirdsgreen Firefly
3rdMr C WilksSapal Botham Labees
4thMrs S DingleParadisewroe Bracken of Bellspaddle
CofMMr J CollinsBrockaghs Caitlin

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Working Test Results

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