2008 Working Test Results


Sunday 8th June 2008.

Open Test for A/V Retrievers at Windolphs Farm, Stansfield by kind invitation of Jonathon and Liz Slater
  Judges: Steve Cooper and Peter Tidey
1stLiz IngramGillygaben Tara
2ndPeter HammondUpcountry Hawk of Strammers
3rdMick MooreRedbreck Archie
4thLiz IngramGarrethall Myrhh
CofMMary DartonDelfleet Dougal by Westernash

One of the few hot and sunny days of the summer, the dogs were glad to be in the water all morning, with 2 water tests running continuous, each including a mark and a blind retrieve, one of which involved a long swim across the lake. We are very lucky with this ground, with five beautiful lakes to choose from, and some lovely meadows.

The afternoon tests included a walk up in pairs with a mark and a blind, and a long blind in fairly long grass, since the hay had not yet been cut.

10th August 2008

Puppy/Novice Test for Any Variety Retriever Held at Gt Livermere by kind invitation of Peter and Elsie Hammond
Judges: Peter and Mary Darton
1stMr. R DeekLabrador Retriever dog Charcol Dusting
2ndMr. C. WilksLabrador Retriever Dog Salpal Botham
3rdMr. C. WilksLabrador Retriever Dog Brockaghs Blamhac handled by Mrs Wilks
4thMr. K. ByronsLabrador Retriever Dog Glenbriar Ralph
CofMMrs G ThompsonLabrador Retriever Dog Hullabaloo Willie Gunn
1stMr. D. LaflinLabrador Retriever Dog Garrethall Usher
2ndMrs F. JointFlatcoat Retriever dog Hullabaloo Single Malt
3rdMr. J. CochraneLabrador Retriever Dog Brunbois Conquest Again
4thMr. M. ElseyLabrador Retriever Dog Elder Athos
CofMMrs T. JonasLabrador Retriever Dog Findford Moons Point

Winners and Judges EALRC Test Winners
Novice and Puppy Winners EALRC Test Winners
Test Competitors EALRC Test Competitors

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