2006 Working Test Results


4th June 2006

Open Test for AV Retrievers at Windolphs Farm Stansfield, by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs J.Slater
Judges: Mr Andrew Wright & Mrs Ali Hogsbjerg
1stMr Paul WheatleyKenmillto Dante of Danbrias
2ndMrs Mary DartonDelfleet Dougal by Westernash
3rdMr Ben Van PraaghHatchfield Banner
4thMrs Liz IngramGarrethall Lucky Chance

1st Place
Winner of the Dunlin Cup
Mr Paul Wheatley with Kenmillto Dante of Danbrias
Mr Paul Wheatley with Kenmillto Dante of Danbrias
2nd Place
Winner of the Thomas Kinder Shield for youngest dog in the awards.
Mrs Mary Darton with Delfleet Dougal by Westernash
Mrs Mary Darton with Delfleet Dougal by Westernash

A hot and sunny day with all dogs glad to spend the morning retrieving from the wonderful array of lakes at this lovely ground. The 18 dogs were split into two groups, and Phil Askew had set some interesting tests:-

A blind over water with a shot, but with a blind on land to be retrieved first

A mark in the water, but with a blind to be retrieved from an island on the way

Following this one group were taken into a two dog walk up with a mark in front and behind, with alternate retrieves. The second group were taken to another meadow for a long mark - followed by a blind in the same area.

Having had 8 retrieves each, just two dogs had equal marks and ran off for 3rd & 4th places. Just as the prizes were being presented there was a short shower of rain.

Paul Wheatley was particularly pleased to win the Dunlin Cup, which had been donated by his father Brian some 30 years ago, especially since sadly Brian had passed away earlier this year.

( thanks to Shirley Grainger for the above report )

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