2005 Working Test Results

12th June 2005

  Open Test at Windolphs Farm, Stansfield, by kind invitation of Mr & Mrs Jonathon Slater.
  Judges: Mrs Caroline Heasman and Mr. Peter Fulcher.
1stMr. Mick MooreRedbreck Danny
2nd Mrs Mary DartonFintan Thor of Westernash
3rd Mrs Liz IngramGarrethall Lyric
4th Mr. Peter DartonRedbreck Splash of Westernash
CofMMrs Mary DartonCatrina Breeze by Westernash
CofMMr. Peter DartonCannetti James of Westernash
CofMMr. Mick MooreRedbreck Archie.

L-R Mary Darton, Peter Fulcher, Caroline Heasman, Mick Moore, Peter Darton, Liz Ingram Winners of EALRC Working Test
Mick Moore with two of his winning dogs. Mick Moore with two of his Labradors

7th August 2005

Puppy/Novice Working Test at Gt Livermere, Nr Bury St Edmunds, by kind invitation of Mr Peter Hammond.
Judges: Mr K Bedford and Mr P Tidey.
1stMr K ByronCopperwheat Spinner
2ndMrs F JointHullabaloo Mint Julep
3rdMr S NorthNorthglen Buzz
CofMMrs V O'BrienLettermore Kindie
1stMr S NorthBeano of Highpond
2ndMr S NorthNorthglen Belle
3rdMr B FrosdickHalvergate Dusk

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