2001 Working Test Results


3rd June 2001

Working Test originally to be held at Stansfield but relocated to Higham by kind invitation of Mr D Barclay  
Judges: Mr P Avery and Mr B Wallington.  
1Simpanye Tinker of CountrywaysMr D Parker
2Garagill CobMiss S Blairs
3Syntax HollyMiss B Harvey
1Van Dyck StormMr A Southernwood
2Canetti James of WesternashMr P Darton
3Hamford AbleMr P Thorpe
CofMBlack Tinker of FlightlineMr P Sinclair

12th August 2001

Working Test at Great Livermere near Bury St Edmunds by kind permission of Mr Peter Hammond.
1Mr B WheatleyDanbrias Peregrine
2Mrs M DartonWesternash Esther
3Mr P SinclairBlack Tinker of Flightline
4Mr S HarveyMerston Quinn
CofMMrs M DartonWesternash Chloe

Working Test Results

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