Results of the EALRC Open Show - Sunday 4th November 2012

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Judge - Chris Hancock ( Hancourt)

Bilbo Baggins By Baileydale JW ShCM
Best in Show Labrador Bilbo Baggins By Baileydale JW ShCM
C Edwards'
Carpenny Mikki At Kimbajak
Reserve Best in Show Labrador Carpenny Mikki at Kimbajak
Saranden Sterling Silver
Best Puppy in Show Labrador Saranden Sterling Silver
Kimvalley Wonder Boy At Cornlands
Best Veteran in Show Labrador Kimvalley Wonder Boy At Cornlands


BEST PUPPY BITCH Metcalfe's Baileydale's Fanny Adams

Minor Puppy Dog (3,1 Abs)
1stReynolds' Carromers Blue Lagoon

A very nice black minor puppy dog. Super head
with very nice neck and shoulder. Good level
topline and strong strong strong quarters. Moved
well, in good condition

2ndCarter's Carromer's Codebreaker For Blondene
Puppy Dog (1, 0 Abs)
1stMcLellan's Saranden Sterling Silver

Lovely strong yellow puppy dog. Strong head,
good stop, keen expression good pigmentation,
very nicely balanced dog. Good topline and
tailset. Strong quarters moved well.

Junior Dog (8,2 Abs)
1stThorpe's Taph's Tango

A very nice yellow dog. Excellent head well
balanced, correct shoulder placement nice front
with a good spring of rib. Good topline moved well

2ndLesley's Steeleigh Secrets Out JW

Nice black dog excellent coat good topline, held
well on the move. In very good coat, nice feet.

3rdWiles' Richbourne Remedy JW
ResDouble & Harris' Lembas Dream Maker
VHCBambrook's Brycheiniog's Ravenclaw
Maiden Dog (3, 1 Abs)
1stDouble & Harris' Lembas Dream Maker

Good yellow, very nice head, good expression
with good pigmentation. Well boned very good
front and rear angulation. Moved well.

2ndJ S Edwards' Buckholt Laddingford

Good black, good all round outline. Handler needs
more experience but got the dog moving well.

Novice Dog (7, 2 Abs)
1stHindley's Cockshott Bracken At Cornlands

Really nice black short coupled dog. Excellent front,
super topline in good coat carrying a little too much
weight on the day.

2ndAllen's Lewisan Lead The Way

Nice dog good head and expression, nice front well
boned throughout. Moved well slightly high tail carriage.

3rdDouble & Harris' Lembas Dream Maker
ResBambrook's Brycheiniog's Ravenclaw
VHCJ S Edwards' Buckholt Laddingford
Undergraduate Dog (2, 0 Abs)
1stWiles' Mambrinos Thriller At Richbourne (Imp)

Very nice black dog. Nice clean head good stop, nice
neck and shoulder. Good front angulation excellent
topline with strong quarters, moved very well. Nice type.

2ndThorpe's Taph's Tango
Post Graduate Dog (4, 2 Abs)
1stC Edwards' Suttonpark Buxton At Kimbajak JW

A nicely balanced dog with a good head, nice front
moved well. In good coat.

2ndCoddington & Shortland's Genisval True Grit

Nice yellow strong head in good coat moved well.

Limit Dog (5, 1 Abs)
1stHindley's Cornlands Lucretius

Super limit dog, levely head, very good front, good
spring of rib, strong topline, excellent coat correct
undercoat lovely tail, very good angulation excellent
mover great rear drive.

2ndAnderson's Barleybay Broderick

Good yellow, nice head good front, nice feet, very
nice neck and shoulder, nice spring of rib strong
loin. Good quarters nice coat

3rdMcLellan's Saranden Comanche
ResV Edwards' Chelmscote Hot Toddy
Open Dog (2, 0 Abs)
1stMetcalfe's Bilbo Baggins By Baileydale JW ShCM

Very nice yellow dog, super head and expression,
great neck and shoulder, great bone, super topline,
very good quarters, really good on the move with
great drive, very nice type

2ndFaulkner's Lewisan Lightning

Very nice yellow, good head and expression, very
good front well laid back shoulder, lovely topline,
nice mover.

Minor Puppy Bitch ( 7, 1 Abs)
1stMetcalfe's Baileydale's Fanny Adams

Super minor puppy bitch. Very stylish lovely outline,
great topline, good front and back angulation, very
good on the move. Showed very well.

2ndAndrews' Creamwood Twist Of Silver

Nice yellow, good alert expression with good
pigmentation, nice mover in good condition.

3rdReynolds' Carromers Shimmering Ocean
ResMcLellan's Saranden Coda
VHCAllen's Warringah's Coolangatta
Puppy Bitch ( 7, 0 Abs)
1stC Edwards' Kimbajak Bella Giola

Very nice yellow puppy, nicey made, good topline
and tail set, lovely balance, moved very well, in
good coat. Very nice puppy.

2ndMetcalfe's Baileydale Be Bop A Lula

Another stylish puppy, showed well. Good reach of
neck, good shoulder, topline and tail set. Moved well.

3rdDouble & Harris' Richbourne Serendipity
ResC Edwards' Kimbajak Star Dust
VHCWojcik's Courtrose Celtic Ivy
Junior Bitch (4, 1 Abs)
1stWiles' Richbourne Rumour

Very nice breed type very stylish. Lovely head, nice
ears and well balanced. Good topline held well on
the move, good tail set good spring of rib with
strong loin. Very good moved.

2ndThorpe's Taph's Salsa

Nice junior, well made good bone. Good straight
front sound on the move.

3rdDay's Greatbarton Miss Foxglove
Maiden Bitch (6, 2 Abs)
1stWojcik's Courtrose Celda

Good black, nice head, good stop, eye colour and
ear set. Lovely front well laid back shoulders, good
topline, strong loin and quarters moved very well.

2ndAndrews' Creamwood Twist Of Silver
3rdDouble & Harris' Richbourne Serendipity
Novice Bitch (9, 3 Abs)
1stMetcalfe's Baileydale's Fanny Adams
2ndThorpe's Taph's Salsa
3rdCrocker-Williams' Spell Maker At Alkhamhurst
ResMetcalfe's Baileydale Be Bop A Lula
VHCDouble & Harris' Richbourne Serendipity
Undergraduate Bitch (6, 2 Abs)
1stScutcher's Winsleywood Wild Honey JW

Very nice yellow, good breed type, nice head,
excellent topline tail set and carriage, great
on the move. Lovely feet in nice condition.

2ndGanney's Mardas Ruby Vallentine To Darrabol

Nice black, very nice head with good balance,
nice eye. Good front and nice outline. In good
condition. Moved very well front and rear.

3rdFaulkner's Lewisan Leading Light
ResCrocker-Williams' Smile A Million For Alkhamhurst
Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1 Abs)
1stGanney's Allenies Gabriella For Darrabol

Really nice yellow with super head and expression.
Great balance all round. Lovely reach of neck and
good shoulder. Good spring of rib with strong loin
and good quarters. Very good mover. Coating but
still enough to satisfy.

2ndMcgregor's Cornlands Lady Gaga

Super yellow girl carrying too much weight for me
but good topline nice mover and lovely expression

3rdDay's Greatbarton Miss Poppy
ResV Edwards' Chelmscote Early Riser
Limit Bitch (8, 2 Abs)
1stC Edwards' Carpenny Mikki At Kimbajak

Really nice yellow, super expression, great
pigmentation, lovely clean head with good balance.
Great reach of neck with good front, good front and
back angulation producing great reach in front with
super drive behind. Super topline. In great condtion.

2ndDay's Greatbarton Miss Lillie

Lovely chocolate bitch, excellent eye colour, good
head and expression. Nicely made good outline very
nice mover with good topline and tail set.

3rdThorpe & Neal's Tamazan Quaoar
ResMitchell's Cornlands Lady Flora
VHCHarrison's Stebel Sweet Georgia Brown
Open Bitch (4, 1 Abs)
1stMetcalfe's Sandylands Spring Blossom For Baileydale JW ShCM

Excellent yellow, great head with correct balance.
Lovely pigmentation. Great neck with well laid back
shoulder. Great front lovely topline, spring of rib
and tail set. Super otter tail. Moved well.

2ndWiles' Richbourne Silver Surprise JW

Very nice bitch, lovely head and expression. Good
neck and shoulder with nice topine. Super front well
boned with good depth. Nice all round and moved well

3rdThorpe & Neal's Tamazan Quaoar
Veteran Dog or Bitch (8, 4 Abs)
1stHindley's Kimvalley Wonder Boy At Cornlands

Very nice veteran dog, great head, a little heavy
throughout but very nice breed type. Good neck and
shoulder lovely topline and tail set. Moved very well.

2ndGanney's Allenies Watersprite For Darrabol JW

Nice veteran, nice head, good keen expression,
nicely balanced and moved well.

3rdFaulkner's Lewisan Lady Bountiful
ResBarnett's Jenpippa Gift From Heidi
Brace (4, 2 Abs)
1stDay's Brace

Lovely chocolate brace of sisters. Very nice pair
perfectly balanced, super eye colour ( as all
chocolates had today) moved as one.

2ndC Edwards' Brace

Another very nicely balanced yellow brace. Very
similar types with nice clean lines. Well presented
and moved really well.

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