2017 Results


161st Stake: Friday 8th September 2017

12 dog All Aged AV Retriever Stake at Cuffley by kind invitation of Mr D Thomas
Judges: G Hillier (A2280), R Wade (B1704), M Ager (NP), A Cook (NP)
1stJ.SmithLaboring Adora Bella
2nd & Guns ChoiceS. NorthNorthfield Crumble
CoMJ.KeeganGeordiand Rebel
CoMS.DingleBellspaddle Knapper


162nd Stake: Stake: 30th/31st October 2017

2 Day Open Qualifying AV Retriever Stake Great Livermere by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook.
Judges: R Beckerleg (A2812), J Keegan (A2858), M Polley (B3220), G Stanley (B1920)
1stP ParkinMountemple Celia of Fernshot (also Guns Choice & youngest dog in the awards)
2ndA BatesLevenghyl Rock n Roll
3rdD HarrisonHatchfield Lynon
4thA HogsbjergQuarnford Grouse of Rufriver


163rd Stake: Saturday 4th November 2017

Novice Stake held at Eastmoor by kind permission of the Chapman family and Mr Richard Beckerleg.
Judges: A Parnell (A103), C Horwill (B2589), G Grummitt (NP), A Mutimer (NP)
1stA Walker-PeacockLevenghyl Bubbly Breeze (also Guns Choice)
2ndV KingTempurong Field Maple
3rdS NorthNorthglen Crumble


164th Stake: Thursday 21st December 2017

Judges P Askew (A2195), T Lowe (B3187), V Easey (NP), D Laflin (NP)
1stJ. RollinsonSpiralline Chenas
CoM & Guns ChoiceJ.KeeganGeordieland Rebel

Winners of the 164th Field Trial Stake Winners of EALRC Field Trial Stake
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