2013 Results

145th Stake - Monday 11th September 2013

14 dog All Aged Retriever Stake at Kersey by kind invitation of the Craske family and Mr T Coll
1stMrs G ButcherHatchfield Larch of Broomwood (also Guns Choice)
2ndMrs S Morley-RichesHathaway Harrier of Rushbrigg
3rdMr M RollinsonQuarnford Ptarmigan
CoMMrs HewasmanWeaselgreen Wren

146th Stake - Monday/Tuesday 28th/29th October 2013

24 dog Open Qualifying Stake for AV Retrievers at Great Livermere by kind invitation of Mr P Rushbrook
Judges: A Turner (A19280), R Wise (A155), K Smith (B2605), TBA
1stMr P HighfieldFTCh Levenghyl Bee of Featherfly
2ndMrs S GaddFTCH Brindlebay Gertie of Birdsgreen (also Guns Choice)
3rdMrs A HogsbjergQuarnford Grouse of Rufriver
CoMMr R WatsonSquareclose Hawk of Silversnipe
CoMMr K BroomfieldWinhocklin Willy

147th Stake - Thursday 7th November 2013

12 dog Novice Lab Retriever Stake at Walberswick by kind invitation of Mr J Warren
Judges: R Tomlinson (A1926), B Barker (B2456), H Drew (np,) D Laflin (np)
1stMr M TallamyBirdsgreen Bronte of Brindlebay
2ndMr L HaymanCopperbirch Ross (also Guns Choice)
3rdMr G RobertsMorsyke Meridian of Riversway

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