2011 Results

137th Stake - Monday 24th October 2011

12 dog Novice Labrador Retriever Trial at Walberswick by kind invitation of Mr J Warren
Judges: P Hammond, P Avery, P Elmy, S Morley-Riches
1st Mrs S Gadd Birdsgreen Griffon (handled by M Tallamy)
2nd Mr W Gardiner Cackiebury Next in Line
Guns ChoiceMr J Gale Barkmadbury Emma at Kirkmoor

138th Stake - Monday/Tuesday 7th & 8th November 2011

24 dog Open Qualifying Trial for AV Retriever at Great Livermere by kind invitation of Mr P Rushbrook
Judges: P Allen, J Gale, P Darton, R Gent
1st Mr K Broomfield Kaliture Black Spruce (also Guns Choice)
2nd Mr P Jennings Oakvalley Black Sabbath
3rd Mr P Parkins FTCh Twixwood Shooting Star of Fernshot
4th Mr R Ketley Highroost Brooke

139th Stake - Saturday 26th November 2011

12 dog Novice Labrador Retriever Trial at Wormegay by kind invitation of Mr I Symington
Judges: D Capel, G Lowe, T Fitzjohn, T Lowe
  No awards
Guns choiceMr J Keegan Georgieland Georgie Boy

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