Results of the EALRC Championship Show - Saturday 2nd March 2013

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Dog Judge - Shaun Williamson ( Sharouns)

Bitch Judge - Keith Wallington ( Balnova)

Secret Moment At Alkhamhurst

Photo: Sofie V Wollbraaten

Best in Show Labrador Secret Moment at Alkhamhurst
Afinmore Antora

Photo: Sofie V Wollbraaten

Reserve Best in Show Chocolate Labrador Afinmore Antora
Rocheby Polished Silver

Photo: Sofie V Wollbraaten

Best Puppy in Show Rocheby Polished Silver


BEST IN SHOW Crocker-Williams' Secret Moment At Alkhamhurst

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Maclean's Afinmore Antora

BEST OPPOSITE SEX Maclean's Afinmore Antora

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW Hopkinson's Rocheby Polished Silver

BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW Parrott's Lougin Lona

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW Braddon's Trendlewood Moondance JW

Dog CC Crocker-Williams' Secret Moment At Alkhamhurst

Dog Res CC Prior's Priorise Spending Time

Best Puppy Dog Rawlinson & Balshaw's Shanorrell Rag Trade At Halshimoor

Bitch CC Maclean's Afinmore Antora

Bitch Res CC Allen & Guildford's Mandursan's Aphrodite With Allenie JW

Best Puppy Bitch Hopkinson's Rocheby Polished Silver

Veteran Dog (14, 2 Abs)
1stBraddon's Trendlewood Moondance JW

Pale yellow in very good order. Attractive
head with good pigmentation, strong level top
line and good tail set. Ample bone and
substance. Well made throughout. Moved very

2ndRawlinson's Sh Ch Halshimoor Lincoln

Another pale yellow of a lighter build than
winner. Pleasing head and expression.
Lovely front construction not quite in the
bloom of winner. A very worthy champion.

3rdMcLellan's Ch Saranden Saboteur JW
ResWojcik's Sh Ch Courtrose Celtic Frost
VHCWood's Sundyke Secret Edition
Field Trial Dog (1, 1 Abs)
Stud Dog (1, 0 Abs)
1stFinney's Carpenny Shaw

Smart looking black in good coat and
condition, ample bone without looking too
heavy which he has passed on to his progeny
which were all of a consistent type.

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 1 Abs)
1stFlockton's Dylsonleigh Man In The Moon

Quite the baby of the class. Pleasing headed
chocolate who looks just like a minor puppy
should. Has a lovely frame to him with good
bone and neat feet. Excellent coat and
condition and was moving well for a youngster.

2ndGreen's Mistlee Pageant

Smart looking youngster with a good outline,
moved well once settled.

3rdWiles' Richbourne Olympic Spirit
ResElliott's Winsleywood Wild Joker Of Lyndham
VHCJulains' Thurndalby High Kingdom
Puppy Dog (11, 4 Abs)
1stRawlinson & Balshaw's Shanorrell Rag Trade At Halshimoor

Pleasing sized yellow who was showing himself
off well. Very appealing in profile,
complimented with a good top line and
excellent tail set. Head still developing
with a lovely expression. Strong powerful
neck into well placed shoulders. Has good
bone and neat feet. powerful quarters which
enabled him to move well. BPD

2ndMetcalfe's Baileydale Blaze A Trail

Appealing yellow with a compact body. Kind
head and expression finished with good
pigmentation . Nicely constructed short
coupled body. Moved soundly.

3rdRoberts' Stormrose Golden Fortune
ResHopgood's Brightwalton Red Hot Secret
VHCYoung's Potterspiney Diamond Boy
Junior Dog (17, 4 Abs)
1stHopkinson's Rocheby Toast Master

Medium sized yellow with a lovely head and
expression. Well constructed fore and aft
with a short coupled body. Good top line and
tail set. Moved steady maintaining a good

2ndFloyd's Trenow Plover

Another yellow in good muscular condition,
slightly lighter in body and frame to winner.
Lovely head and expression. Moving well.

3rdBraimbridge's Southridge Sky Rocket To Hannabee
ResNeachell's Suttonpark Brogue
VHCMcLellan's Saranden Sterling Silver
Yearling Dog (13, 1 Abs)
1stCrocker-Williams' Secret Moment At Alkhamhurst

One I thought highly of as a young puppy
pleased to see he has fulfilled his potential
. Completely balanced yellow,striking in
profile with a super firm top line and tail
set. Masculine head with good pigmentation
leading into a lovely reach of neck,ample
bone and substance without looking over done.
Well constructed fore and aft which showed in
his excellent movement. Happy to award him
CC and later BIS on the referees decision .

2ndReynolds' Carromers Zachary JW

Exuberant yellow with a very appealing head
and expression .Pleasing on the move
maintaining his lovely outline. Similar in
most respects to the winner just felt 1st was
a little more finished all through. Has time
on his side.

3rdCarpanini's Carpenny Melrose
ResWiles' Mambrinos Thriller At Richbourne (Imp)
VHCThorpe's Taph's Tango JW
Maiden Dog (8, 1 Abs)
1stReynolds' Carromers Blue Lagoon

Handy sized black with appealing head and
expression. In good coat and condition.
Pleasing front construction ,short coupled
body good spring of rib. Handled and moved

2ndRoberts' Stormrose Golden Fortune

Substantial yellow with good bone and double
coat. Pleasing in profile, good head and
expression. Size larger than winner and
still filling his frame. Moved well with
good driving action.

3rdCarter's Carromer's Codebreaker For Blondene
ResFinney's Play On Words
VHCCauston's Mistlee Bunting Over Cedartree
Novice Dog (10, 1 Abs)
1stMetcalfe's Baileydale Blaze A Trail
2ndFloyd's Trenow Plover
3rdRoberts' Stormrose Golden Fortune
ResCarter's Carromer's Codebreaker For Blondene
VHCFinney's Play On Words
Undergraduate Dog (8, 2 Abs)
1stHopkinson's Rocheby Town Cryer

Appealing yellow similar qualities to kennel
mate. Very appealing head with kind eye.
Balanced in profile with ample bone and
substance. Short coupled body with good
spring of rib. In good coat an condition.
Moving well maintaining a good outline.

2ndDodd's Icyrivers Myohmy By Carriegame

Black dog pleasing in profile, good head and
expression. Excellent reach of neck and well
constructed fore and aft. Not quite the coat
and condition of winner.

3rdCarter's Carromer's Codebreaker For Blondene
ResPercival's Wynfaul Rocket Fuel
VHCBroadburn-Lawson & Lawson's Lindall Just Do It
Graduate Dog (5, 0 Abs)
1stLesley's Steeleigh Secrets Out JW

Smart looking black, pleasing in outline with
a firm top line and tail set. Typical head
and expression, good bone with neat feet.
Ample substance without looking heavy. Well
constructed throughout. Sound and steady

2ndCauston's Cedartrees Jack In The Box

Well presented with a good outline, pleasing
head, not quite the finish of winner. Moved

3rdCollins' Kaspair Now Or Never
ResHopkinson's Rocheby Gentleman George
VHCGrummitt's Flossfalls Serengeti Manorwell JW
Post Graduate Dog (17, 3 Abs)
1stPrior's Priorise Spending Time

Yellow dog in very good form, has a lovely
outline. Attractive masculine head of good
proportions having a good length of muzzle.
Ample bone and substance with neat feet yet
In no way looks overdone. Good barrel rib
and short coupled body, well constructed fore
and aft which showed in his good movement.
Really does have drive. RCC a close call.

2ndWilmshurst's Mandamay Fedde Le Grand JW ShCM

A very pleasing yellow, a shade smaller than
the winner, pleasing in type and well
constructed throughout. Moved very well.

3rdLitherland's Oakhouse Oliver Twist
ResHindley's Cornlands Lucretius
VHCWagstaff & Venables' Driffwold Hologram At Dewcovny
Mid Limit Dog (9, 2 Abs)
1stBruce & Johnson's Teazledown Crusader JW

There is a lot to like on this yellow, medium
sized dog very balanced in profile and always
stands four square. Masculine head with kind
expression. Strong powerful neck into well
placed shoulders good bone and feet, ample
spring of rib and short coupled body. In
good condition, handled well.

2ndMcGillivray & Vilamo's Waterline's Le Bon

Top sized yellow who was in very good form,
liked his overall balance and pleasing
profile. Moved well maintaining his top

3rdRawlinson's Fullwell Fair Trade With Halshimoor
ResAyres' Musubi Imperial Topaz JW
VHCHayward's Posters Mr Postman For Donacre (Imp Dnk)
Limit Dog (6, 1 Abs)
1stMetcalfe's Bilbo Baggins By Baileydale JW ShCM

Strong and powerful yellow who was very much
on his toes. Another who always stood fore
square enhancing his pleasing outline.
Masculine head without coarseness and with a
typical labrador expression . Very good to go
over and made In one piece. Correct double
coat and shown in hard condition . Impressive
on the move.

2ndPorter's Lindall Dan Carter

Impressive black in good coat and hard
condition. Lovely head with kind expression.
Pleasing in profile, not quite as together as
the winner today.

3rdBraddon's Trendlewood Only To Fly
ResMarskell's Berolee Moon Star
VHCTeasdale & Hopkinson's Rocheby Golden Sage
Open Dog (6, 2 Abs)
1stRoberts' Sh Ch Stormrose Morning Jewel JW ShCM

Substantial yellow, strongly built pleasing
head and expression, powerful neck leading
into well laid back shoulders, good bone and
neat feet,good spring of rib, well developed
quarters with good turn of stifle. Moved
well maintaining his level top line.

2ndHodge's Ch Naiken Zephyr, JW

Pleasing black in all departments, still a
young dog which made him look slightly
immature against the winner. A worthy
champion who I feel his best is yet to come.
Moved well.

3rdMarskell's Berolee Starcraft JW
ResChan Chi Choong's Mys Ch Rocheby Rag Trade Of Eastnor
Special Working Dog (6, 1 Abs)
1stMetcalfe's Bilbo Baggins By Baileydale JW ShCM
2ndCoode's Ch Warringah's Gundaroo JW

Lovely moving yellow who really flows and
keeps his profile whilst doing so. Pleasing
head and expression, well constructed
throughout in good coat and condition just
preferred the stamp of the winner.

3rdThorpe's Taph's Echo Charlie
ResKing's Linthwaite Maximus
VHCKing's Linthwaite Apollo ShCM
Veteran Bitch (9, 2 Abs)
1stGanney's Allenies Watersprite For Darrabol JW

Short backed compact bitch in very good
condition, level topline, good bone,
carried herself well when moving.

2ndWilmshurst's Mandamay Corn Crisp

Typical kind head, deep chest. Showed
very well

3rdBraimbridge's Dakross Chaka Khan Of Hannabee
ResGreen's Berolee Beatrice Smee Thurbajen
VHCCollins' Warringah's Tarka By Kaspair
Field Trial Bitch (0, 0 Abs)
Brood Bitch (2, 0 Abs)
1stDay's Warringah's Ilkari

Well made stood with her daughter like peas
in a pod.

2ndWilmshurst's Mandamay Corn Crisp
Minor Puppy Bitch (11, 1 Abs)
1stParrott's Lougin Lona

Very immature pup but lots to like about her,
good head, neat body with level topline, good
turn of stifle, clean neck.

2ndPattison's Pattilands Shining Star

Good head, longer in body than winner but well
proportioned, showed well.

3rdWoodburn's Centenalee Lady Latia
ResCoddington & Shortland's Genisval Palm Springs
VHCParker's Lightbringer Aphrodite
Puppy Bitch (17, 2 Abs)
1stHopkinson's Rocheby Polished Silver

Excellent looking puppy, very well made, good
head, strong body, level topline, strong quarters,
ribbed well back, not ultra short in body but just
right for me.BPIS.

2ndLavelle's Crosscroyde Choice Words

Another top quality yellow pup, more mature than
winner, good body and quarters moved very well,
looked more like junior than a pup.

3rdWalton's Gallybob Florentine
ResMetcalfe's Baileydale Miss Busybody
VHCWojcik's Courtrose Sweet Nell
Junior Bitch (21, 3 Abs)
1stAutey's Ryedown Scottish Inghea With Chadfrith

Well made chocolate, nice clean head not
overdone with good reach of neck onto
balanced frame good quarters showed well.

2ndSchopen's Lejie Song Of Summer

Clean head with a good expression compact
body, moved well.

3rdCulley's Devonelite Designer Genes For Beneldys
ResMetcalfe's Baileydale Miss Giggles
VHCSouthwell's Driffwold Trade Secret
Yearling Bitch (15, 5 Abs)
1stCrocker-Williams' Smile A Million For Alkhamhurst

Very smart neat bitch not big but well
balanced, nice head level topline into
good tailset, moved well.

2ndAllen & Bott's Mardas Real Vintage For Allenie

Nice kind well defined head, strong neck
onto balanced body good quarters.

3rdPorter's Winnellands Loves Passion
ResTeasdale's Pendeby Two To Tango
VHCFlockton's Ludalor Liesbeth At Dylsonleigh
Maiden Bitch (21, 2 Abs)
1stLitherland's Oakhouse Ocean Nymph

Neat black not fully mature, clean lines,
good front not heavy looked classy

2ndReynolds' Carromers Shimmering Ocean

Slightly heavier than winner, good head strong
neck, good body & quarters

3rdRooth's Chelonia Thousand Guineas At Greenworth
ResAndrews' Creamwood Twist Of Silver
VHCHayward's Donacre Lady In Black
Novice Bitch (12, 0 Abs)
1stHopkinson's Rocheby Small Talk

Typical classic labrador head melting expression,
well balanced body, good legs, very nice.

2ndLavelle's Crosscroyde Choice Words
3rdAutey's Ryedown Scottish Inghea With Chadfrith
ResSchopen's Lejie Song Of Summer
VHCCulley's Devonelite Designer Genes For Beneldys
Undergraduate Bitch (16, 2 Abs)
1stScutcher's Winsleywood Wild Honey JW

Neat yellow not heavy, small compared to some
exhibits but well made & moved well

2ndTooth's Ludalor Elderberry

Black but same remarks as winner

3rdDeane's Simandem Chantel At Tanronens
ResAutey's Ryedown Scottish Inghea With Chadfrith
VHCHopkinson's Rocheby Silk Gown
Graduate Bitch (11, 2 Abs)
1stMaclean's Afinmore Antora

Smart looking chocolate with very clean lines, good
head, good length of body, strong quarters with
well turned stifles, covered the ground well, in
the final line up she kept it together. BCC. & RBIS

2ndMcGillivray's Lindall Rihanna With Antonine

Neat black smaller than the winner, compact body,
good head, moved ok

3rdAutey's Ryedown Scottish Inghea With Chadfrith
ResCarpanini's Flossfalls Monopoly Of Carpenny
VHCHepper's Mardas Venitian Secrets
Post Graduate Bitch (18, 2 Abs)
1stLitherland's Oakhouse Orinoco Flow

Strong black nice type, good head & body level
topline onto correct tailset Good quarters.

2ndWilmshurst's Mandamay Beyonce

Very attractive head with a kind expression, deep
body with well sprung ribs, good strong quarters
which enabled her to move with drive

3rdReynolds' Carromer Shimmering Diva JW
ResWoodburn's Rocheby Sugar Ice At Centenalee
VHCHarrison's Stebel Sweet Georgia Brown
Mid Limit Bitch (15, 0 Abs)
1stAllen & Guildford's Mandursan's Aphrodite With Allenie JW

Typical yellow, good head with alert expression clean
neck line onto strong body, well sprung ribs, good
turn of stifle. If some of the other exhibits had
been shown as well as this bitch placings could have
been different. RBCC.

2ndMitchell's Cornlands Lady Flora

Slightly lighter than my winner, shorter but well
balanced showed well.

3rdAtkins' Fabracken Skylark
ResCoode's Warringah's Merriwagga JW
VHCLesley's Steeleigh Hot To Handle JW
Limit Bitch (17, 0 Abs)
1stLitherland's Oakhouse Onour Blackman

Chocolate with good head, long reach of neck, mature
but not stuffy, level topline on deep body, good
quarters, long stifles. Unfortunally did not show
well in final line up.

2ndGreen's Thurbajens Saucy Saffron

Kind headed yellow, very classy, good body well sprung
ribs, good quarters

3rdBraddon's Trendlewood Lets Dance
ResWoodburn's Centenalee Sparkling Snow
VHCGoodchild & Walton's Berolee Miss Dior For Ballynegal
Open Bitch (15, 0 Abs)
1stCarpanini's Carpenny Rilla

Compact black showgirl good head, neat body good feet

2ndTooth's Sh Ch Ludalor Lancastria Chardonnay JW

Mature yellow kind head, good front and chest, deep
body, strong quarters lots to like.

3rdHodge's Lindall Nadia At Naiken, JW
ResRichmond's Brigglebank Bravehope
VHCGoodchild & Walton's Ballynegal Dancing Queen
Special Working Bitch (2, 1 Abs)
1stCoode's Rosemade Quiet Night JW

Stood alone but definitly worth her 1st place, small
neat black in excellent condition

Brace (6, 3 Abs)
1stWilmshurst's Brace
2ndDay's Brace
3rdPonsford's Brace



The stage is set ready for the 2013 championship show... The stage is set ready for the 2013 championship show...
Results will appear through the day..

 Bitch judge, Keith Wallington (Balnova), judging the veteran bitch class Bitch judge, Keith Wallington (Balnova), judging the veteran bitch class.

 Dog judge, Shaun Williamson (Sharouns), judging the veteran dog class Dog judge, Shaun Williamson (Sharouns), judging the veteran dog class.


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