DOG JUDGE: Mrs S Cuthbert ( Ballyduff )

BITCH JUDGE: Judge: Mrs R Hewitt ( Newinn)

Best In Show Sh.Ch. Naiken Way Out West Jw

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex Sh.Ch. ( Subject To Kc Confirmation) Sandylands Tread Softly

Best Puppy In Show Mardas Roman Republic

Best Minor Puppy In Show Mardas Roman Republic

Best Yellow Puppy In Show Llanstinan Hot Toddy Of Bowstones

Winner Of Kc Best Breeder In Breed Competition 2010 Mrs Carpanini's Carpenny Team

Class 1, Veteran ( 7 Dogs, 4 Absent )
1stRees's Thurbajen Rhapsody In Blue
2ndMills's Jodalu Boogie Woogie
3rdEdwards's Bowstones Jeeves
Class 2, Field Trial ( 2,1 )
1stVenturi-Rose's Oakingham Monarch Of Leospring
Class 3, Stud Dog No Entries
Class 4, Minor Puppy Dog (16,4)
1stHepper's Mardas Roman Republic Bp D & Bpis
2ndBritton's Lanstinan Hot Toddy Of Bowstones Best Yellow Pup Is
3rdComery's Carromer Silver Eagle Of Marneth
4thQuinn's Adoraden's Tell Me Ma
5thBruce & Johnson's Foulby The Baron Of Teazledown
Class 5, Puppy Dog (12,2 )
1stTurner's Turcel Celtic Storm
2ndCarpanini's Carpenny Rio Grande
3rdLitherland's Oakhouse Oddbins
4thMarskell's Berolee Moonstar
5thAyres's Musubi Solo Warrior
Class 6 Junior Dog ( 14,1 )
1stCoode's Warringahs Gundaroo
2ndParrott's Lougin Leather
3rdThorpe's Taph's Echo Charlie
4thGwinnett-Taylor's New Year Hot Toddy From Glosmere
Class 7 Yearling Dog ( 12, 1 )
1stShirton's Woolman Proper Performer
2ndFloyd's Trenow Gabriel Oak
3rdReynold's Carromers Shadrach
4thWilmshurst's Mandamay Ro
5thMetcalfe's Bilbo Baggins By Baileydale Jw
Class 8 Maiden Dog ( 7, 1 )
1stTurner's Turcel Celtic Storm
2ndMarskell's Berolee Moon Star
3rdWoods's Nunneyswood Why Dee
4thWilmshurst's Mandamay Ro
5thHodge's Pawcrest Final Countdown
Class 9 Novice Dog ( 9,1 )
1stMarskell's Berolee Moon Star
2ndRawlinson's Fullwell Fairtrade With Halshimoor
3rdBraddon's Trendlewood Snowman
4thThorpe's Taph's Echo Charlie
5thAyres's Musubi Solo Warrior
Class 10 Undergraduate Dog ( 11,2 )
1stDeane's Tanronens Thief Of Hearts
2ndVenturi-Rose's Leospring Ascot
3rdFloyd's Trenow Gabriel Oak
4thCoddington's Genisval Walk The Line
5thDodd's Llanstinan Welshman At Carriegame
Class 11 Graduate Dog ( 10,1, )
1stRawlinson's Fullwell Fly High To Halshimoor
2ndPorter's Lindall Rock Dj
3rdWilmshurst's Mandamay Rafael
4thAirey's Ronsard Renaissance
5thMarskell's Berolee Starcraft
Class 12 Post Graduate Dog ( 16,2 )
1stKeys's Keydella Karrington
2ndBraddon's Trendlewood Only To Fly Jw
3rdWojcik's Courtrose Celtic Frost
4thAnderson's Buckholt Vinca Via Jillywin
5thBramall's Farmview Best Buddy
Class 13 Mid Limit Dog ( 15, 3 )
1stAnthony & Jayes's Sandylands Perfect Chance
2ndLitherland's Oakhouse Office Head
3rdVenturi-Rose's Colhook Dancing Bay At Leopspring
4thLavelle's Crosscroyde Coalition
5thMcLellan's Saranden Commanche
Class 14 Limit Dog ( 12, 2 )
1stBraddon's Trendlewood Moondance
2ndMarskell's Berolee MacK The Knife
3rdCarpanini's Carpenny Made A Million
4thStafford's Farnfield Black Spark
5thVenturi-Rose's Carpenny Austin
Class 15 Open Dog ( 14, 4 )
1stHodge's Naiken Way Out West Cc & Bis
2ndHodge's Naiken Quincy Rcc
3rdBrabban's Sh. Ch. Cambremer Craftsman
4thPorter's Sh. Ch. Lindall Redemption
5thNeal's Amberstope Rebel Yell Sh Cm
Class 16 Special Working Dog ( 7, 3 )
1stCoode's Warringah's Tennants Creek
2ndScutcher's Ch. Winsleywood Waterloo
3rdFinney's Rockledge Wordsmith Of Carpenny
4thHopgood's Brightwalton Bit Of Class Jw
Class 17 Field Trial Bitch (1)
1stSmith's Charway Summerain
Class 18 Veteran Bitch (4, 1)
1stBrabban's Sh Ch Cambremer Call My Bluff
2ndMarskell's Sh Ch Berolee Moons Magic Star Jw
3rdHarrison's Stebel Plum Duff
Class 19 (2) Brood Bitch (2 )
1stLesley's Steeleigh Truly Tempting Jw
2ndMarskell's Sh Ch Berolee Moons Magic Star
Class 20 Minor Puppy Bitch (19,6 )
1stReynolds's Carromers Silver Cinders
2ndHepper's Mardas Ramona Chase
3rdC Raig & Williams Foulby The Duchess
4thGwinnet-Taylor's Glosmere Dahlia
5thRogers's Woodmist Rosemary
Class 21 Puppy Bitch (12,2)
1stCarpanini's Carpenny Rilla
2ndRae & Mitchell's Cornlands Lady Flora
3rdTurner's Turcel Celtic Star
4thReynolds's Carromers Devil Wears Prada
5thPhillips's Sheenaron Merry Wicked
Class 22 Junior Bitch (18,3 )
1stParrott's Naiken Yelena At Lougin
2ndCreasy's Zandawn Wait Til Midnight
3rdRae's Cornlands Lady Maryrose
4thBraddon's Trendlewood Cracklin Rosie
5thLesley's Steeleigh Perfect Surprise
Class 23 Yearling Bitch ( 18, 3 )
1stStafford's Kimvalley Star Attraction Of Farnfield Jw
2ndShirton's Woolman Proper Starlight
3rdCoode's Warringah's Kurri Kurri
4thBrabban's Foulby Queenstown At Cambremer
5thHodge's Naiken Xclusive Dream Jw
Class 24 Maiden Bitch (12,5 )
1stTurner's Turcel Celtic Star
2ndHarrison's Stebel Sweet Georgia Brown
3rdGrumitt & Carpanini's Carpenny Riva Manorwell
4thSmith's Warringah's Wilarra
5thEarp's Wickwhistle Salad Days
Class 25 Novice Bitch (12, 3 )
1stRampley & Digweed's Willokin Libertina
2ndWoodall's Thirlmere Barley Gold
3rdBraddon's Trendlewood Cracklin Rosie
4thLesley's Steeleigh Perfect Surprise
5thHaslam's Lynquest Flash Of Fancy
Class 26 Undergraduate Bitch ( 8, 1 )
1stShirton's Woolman Constance
2ndCharlton's Foxrush Scarlet O'hara
3rdLesley's Steeleigh Perfect Surprise
4thPattison's Lynquest Personality At Pattilands
5thLowery & King's Zany's Ballykira At Rockshot
Class 27 Graduate Bitch ( 7, 1 )
1stHodge's Lindall Nadia At Naiken
2ndDay's Greatbarton Miss Lillie
3rdLesley's Steeleigh Hot To Handle Jw
4thDodd's Lynquest Liberthine Of Carriegame
5thKing's Linthwaite Andromeda Jw
Class 28 Post Graduate Bitch ( 21, 5 )
1stLavelle's Crosscroyde Lady Katinka Jw
2ndMetcalfe's Sandylands Spring Blossom At Baileydale Jw Shcm
3rdFaulkner's Lewisan Look At Me
4thReynolds's Carromers Sofire
5thTaylor's Rudidales Class Act
Class 29 Mid Limit Bitch ( 13, 4 )
1stSouthwell's Oakhouse On The Farm To Driffwold
2ndLesley's Steeleigh Truly Tempting Jw
3rdNeal's Amberstope American Star Sh Cm
4thCarpanini's Carpenny Maid For Me
5thClimpson's Othamcourt Wild Thyme Jw
Class 30 Limit Bitch ( 12, 0 )
1stAnthony & Jayes's Sandylands Tread Softly (Bitch Cc & Rbis)
2ndAirey's Ronsard Me Celebrait
3rdCharlton's Stretlaw Spring Connection With Foxrush
4thReynolds's Carromers Shakira Jw
5thPhillips's Shardanel Blue Ribbon At Sheenaron
Class 31 Open Bitch ( 5, 1 )
1stHepper's Sh Ch Mardas Venetian Fan Fare
2ndKey's Keydella Kristie
3rdCraig & Williams Sh Ch Foulby Buttons & Bows
4thPhillips's Highfields Belle Of The Ball At Sheenaron

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