Results of East Anglian Championship Show Saturday 3rd March 2007

Bitch Judge - Mrs E Cannon (Highforce)

Dog Judge - Mr M Given (Sudeo)

Best In Show Hopkinson's Sh Ch Silver Suede Over Rocheby

Reserve Best In Show Key's Keydella Kristie

Best Puppy In Show Mardas Magical Mystery Tour

Dog Cc: Sh Ch Silver Suede Over Rocheby

Reserve Dog Cc Richbourne Roll Of Honour

Best Puppy Dog Richbourne Roll Of Honour

Bitch Cc: Keydella Kristie

Reserve Bitch Cc: Lindall Double Honour For Mardas

Best Puppy Bitch: Mardas Magic Mystery Tour

Veteran Dog (7, 2ab)
1stHallum's Keene's Man O'War
2ndRae's Sh Ch Marmaduke Maximus at Cornlands
3rdLewis' Nigabee Guy Gibson
ResCauston's Cornlands Argus at Cedartree JW
VhcToublic's Tinderwood Periwinkle
Field Trial Dog (1)
1stVenturi-Rose's Oakingham Monarch of Leospring
Minor Puppy Dog (10, 4abs)
1stLesley's Steeleigh Express Order
2ndCuthbert's Linnburnhead Barley Water
3rdWiles' Richbourne Unique
ResPorter's Lindall Coldplay
VhcGrummit/Dawson's Manorwell Top Gun
Puppy Dog (9,2ab)
1stWiles' Richbourne Roll of Honour
2ndMcCulloch's Frewlings Fairbanks
3rdMarskell's Berolee Mack the Knife
ResAllen's Allenies Whatever Next
VhcAndrews Creamwood Whippersnapper
Junior Dog (14,4ab)
1stBraddon's Trendlewood Moondance
2ndHayward's Karimwood River of Dreams to Donacre(TAF)
3rdNeal's Amberstope Rebel Yell
ResMilne's Claytonholt Cameron
VhcHallum's Keene's Sandpiper
Yearling Dog (10, 4abs)
1stNeachells Suttonpark Rew
2ndHepper's Aris at Mardas
3rdHodge's Naiken Suede JW
ResMilne's Claytonholt Cameron
VhcCauston's Cedartree Captain Darling
Maiden Dog (8, 2ab)
1stMcCullochs Frewlings Fairbanks
2ndLesley's Steeleigh Express Order
3rdBritton's Bowstones Bravado
ResCaustons Cedartree Endeavour
VhcWocjik's Courtrose Celtic Frost
Novice Dog (11, 1ab)
1stBraddon's Trendlewood Moondance
2ndHaywards Karimwood River of Dreams to Donacre (TAF)
3rdLesley's Steeleigh Express Order
ResMarskells Berolee Mack the Knife
VhcBrittons Bowstones Bravado
Undergraduate Dog (15, 4abs)
1stGambon's Nookery Ardent Warrior JW
2ndAyres Danomic Douglas Fairbanks with Musubi
3rdMilne's Claytonholt Cameron
ResBritton's Bowstones Bravado
VhcStocks Carpenny Song Writer
Graduate Dog (10)
1stMinchella's Abbeystead Wager
2ndAutey's Ryedown Scottish Reel JW ShCM
3rdAllen's Allenie's Maverick JW
ResStocks Carpenny Tally
VhcCauston's Cedartree Mr Jingle JW
Post Graduate Dog (27)
1stForington's Lightening Tango by Trentwith
2ndHopkinson's Rocheby State Occasion
3rdCollin's Carpenny Orange Pekoe by Kaspair
ResHallum's Keene's Blueprint JW
VhcPorter's Brigburn Marron avec Lindall
Limit Dog (17)
1stTooth's Ludalor Lunar Orbit JW
2ndHopkinsons Rocheby Statesman
3rdLavelle's Kathill Shoeshine Boy at Crosscroyde
ResGreen's Thurbajen's The Bold Bishop
VhcLowe's Raybooth Solo
Open Dog(13)
1stHopkinson's Sh Ch Silver Suede over Rocheby
2ndNeachell's Sh Ch Suttonpark Manifesto
3rdBritton's Llanstinan Buzby Bowstones JW
ResGreen's Kroppsmarken Hubble Bubble over Thurbajen
VhcKey's Sh Ch Keydella Klassic Edition
Special Working Dog
1stHallum's Ch Keene's Seafarer's Star JW
2ndCox's Ramalley Goldfinch
3rdVenturi-Rose's Earl Harrow of Leospring
Veteran Bitch (5)
1stWilmshurst's Mandamay Bella De Jour
2ndHarrison's Bowstone's Clementina with Stebel
3rdCoode's Ch Warringah's Bungle Bungle
ResHyde's Lembas Balalaika at Halldale
VhcHarper's Freemains Mugwort Tansy
Brood Bitch (1)
1stHallum's Keene's Betty Boothroyd JW
Minor Puppy Bitch (25,7ab)
1stHepper's Mardas Magic Mystery Tour
2ndJones' Hafnau Brietta
3rdTooth's Ludalor Lancastria Chardonnay
ResMinchella's Abbeystead Bliss
VhcButler's Ycart Lakeside Linnet
Puppy Bitch (16, 3abs)
1stAllen's Allenies What A Destiny
2ndHallgarths Castleduff Prim and Proper Among Chapelmanor
3rdPorter's Lindall Will She
ResLewis's Nigabee Chesil Beach
VhcTimm's Remebeto Cherry Pip at Lejie
Junior Bitch (22, 5abs)
1stHepper's Mardas Venitian Fan Fare
2ndBrittons Bowstones Beattie
3rdMarskells Cherie Amour from Berolee
ResNeal's Amberstope America Star
VhcCallow's Standeridge Push the Button
Yearling Bitch (21,3abs)
1stHepper's Ebony Ribbons and Bows at Mardas
2ndForington's Carromer's Millie Vanillie at Trentwith
3rdCollin's Warringahs Tarka by Kaspair
ResMinchella's Abbeystead Waxwing
VhcWoodall's Thirlmere Charisma
Maiden Bitch (23, 11abs)
1stBritton's Bowstones Beattie
2ndButler's Ycart Lakeside Linnet
3rdHallums Keene's Baroness Boothroyd
ResCallow's Standeridge Push the Button
VhcAirey's Ronsard Me Celebrait
Novice Bitch (17, 2abs)
1stBritton's Bowstones Beattie
2ndGuildfords Allenie's On The Move to Mandursan
3rdBeckett's Kimvalley Wild Berry
ResHallgarths Castleduff Prim and Proper amoung Chapelmanor
VhcWalton's Gallybob Tango
Undergraduate Bitch (11, 6abs)
1stTimms Leijie Back in Time
2ndGanney's Allenies Water Sprite for Darrobol JW
3rdMarskells Cherie Amour from Berolee
ResTaylor's Kandicreme Konstance
VhcDemetriou's Rudidale Bossy Boots
Graduate Bitch (4)
1stCrocker-Williams Carpenny Spinning Wheel
2ndHallums Brightwalton Bonnie Flora
3rdSidebottoms Thurbajens Chasing Dreams at Humaryn
ResGreens Thurbajens Whoops a Daisy
Post Graduate Bitch (22)
1stWilmshurst's Mandamay Muse JW
2ndHopgood's Rooklane Miss Jones
3rdGuildford's Harrop Canasta at Mandursan
ResBritton's Llanstinan Morwenna of Bowstones JW
VhcHarrison's Llanstinan Pepper over Stebel
Limit Bitch
1stKey's Keydella Kristie
2ndHepper's Lindall Double Honour for Mardas
3rdAllen's Allenies Jezzabel JW
ResHodge's Naiken Russian Rhthym JW
VhcWalton's Gallybob Parminda
Open Bitch
1stGreen's Thurbajen's Latest Trick
2ndHodge's Buckholt Katie at Naiken
3rdLesley's Steeleigh Star Performer JW
ResJones' Hafnau Taryn JW
VhcGreen & Ree's Sh Ch Thurbajen's Super Susie
Special Working Bitch
1stCoode's Warringah's Bunya JW
2ndTooth's Ludalor Lyzabeth

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